Carlisle Supplies 2017 Spring Tag League Round 5

Thursday 2nd March was round 5 of the Carlisle Supplies 2017 Spring Tag League. Read the match summary, points table and draw for next week below.

In game one, Alexandra Resort Tipsy Turtles thrashed the Unicorn Bookstore Unicorns of Doom by 26-13. Whilst never even, the game really blew out at the final two minutes when Paul Slattery scored twice for the Turtles to take his personal haul to four tries (12 points). James Murphy scored twice (4 points) and Jon Nickson (3 points) to give the Unicorns an illusion of hope.

Game two was the big draw of the night. Meridian Marauders 12, Le Bouchon Nuff Said 18. Keith Burant led from the front for Meridian with six points. If he turned and looked behind he would probably wonder where the rest of his team was. Nuff Said did a great job of shutting down the young whippets and gave them a lesson in team work as they had seven players cross for a try. LJ Outten returned to form in his debut season with Nuff Said, bagging a hattrick (3 points). Cesca Pierce was the star finisher for Nuff Said with nine points.

Game three: Coast Red Mist 10, BCQS Jolly Ranchers 18. Red Mist remain languishing at the bottom of the table, despite the best efforts of Dave O’Connell (6 points). The Jolly Ranchers also had seven players on the score sheet and were led (as always) by Simon Taylor with four tries (8 points).

In the final game of the night the Pampered Paws Reef Rovers were bested by BCB Wahoos, 11-24. Tiffany Modeste powered in three tries to score 9 of her team’s 11 points. Wahoos showed the strength of a long established team and had eight different players score their 24 points. Harry Turbyfield also scored a hattrick (9 points).

The points table shows the teams spreading out and the top three teams have already effectively guaranteed their place in the grand final playoffs, with two rounds left to play.

Win Loss For Against Diff. Points
Le Bouchon Nuff Said 5 0 96 57 39 15
Meridian Marauders 4 1 98 52 46 13
BCB Wahoos 4 1 81 39 42 13
Alexandra Resort Tipsy Turtles 3 2 77 83 -6 11
BCQS Jolly Ranchers 2 3 61 68 -7 9
Pampered Paws Reef Rovers 1 4 67 98 -31 7
Unicorns of Doom 1 4 48 92 -44 7
Coast Red Mist 0 5 60 99 -39 5