Carlisle Supplies 2017 Spring Tag League Round 6

The penultimate round of the Carlisle Supplies Tag League was held on Thursday 9th of March at the Meridian Field.  Read the scores and check where your team stands heading into the final round.

In game one, the Alexandra Resort Tipsy Turtles put up a valiant fight against the BCB Wahoos but still went down 13-20.  Bryan, Jed and Dave all scored twice each for the Turtles, as did Achsah Wildish, Harry Turbyfield and Alonzo for the Wahoos.

Game two saw Pampered Paws Reef Rovers stage a late comeback against the Unicorn Bookstore Unicorns of Doom, however the initial deficit was too large and the Unicorns hung on to win 21-29. Augustine Modeste led the charge for the Rovers with six tries (12pts) while new recruit Devano Pierre scored five tries on debut for the Unicorns.

Meridian Marauders played a low scoring, tense yet friendly game versus BCQS Jolly Ranchers, final score 11-5. Arayrh Wildish bagged a double for Meridian (6pts) while James Schofield (2pts) was the only old person to make it to the try line. Simon Taylor (4pts) again crossed twice for the Jolly’s and Callis Jones welcomed himself back with a try near the end.

In the final game, Coast Red Mist, 20 put up a great fight against Le Bouchon Nuff Said 27, who are still undefeated. The mighty Mist were helped along with two tries to Megan Harper (6pts) and the return from school of playmaker Luis Turbyfield. Seven players scored tries on each team however it was all about the ladies, Nuff Said, Cesca Pierce and Cara Buddle both with a hattrick and 9 points each.

Points table after round 6:

Win Loss For Against Diff. Points
Le Bouchon Nuff Said 6 0 123 77 46 18
Meridian Marauders 5 1 109 57 52 15
BCB Wahoos 5 1 101 52 49 15
Alexandra Resort Tipsy Turtles 3 3 90 103 -13 9
BCQS Jolly Ranchers 2 4 66 79 -13 6
Unicorns of Doom 2 4 77 113 -36 6
Pampered Paws Reef Rovers 1 5 88 127 -39 3
Coast Red Mist 0 6 80 126 -46 0

Round 7 fixtures:

Round 7 16th March Duty team Jolly Ranchers Referee
1830 Meridian Marauders v BCB Wahoos Coast Red Mist
1830 BCQS Jolly Ranchers v Alexandra Resort Tipsy Turtles Unicorns
1930 Coast Red Mist v Unicorn Bookstore Unicorns of Doom Meridian
1930 Le Bouchon Nuff Said v Pampered Paws Reef Rovers Wahoos