2017 Carlisle Supplies Tag League Finals

The fight for theIMG_1801 Shield was on when Unicorn Bookstore Unicorns of Doom took on Pampered Paws Reef Rovers with a close first half but Unicorns managed to power over with a speedy 6 points by Claire Winchester. The Unicorns left their doom of 18-11 on the Rovers.

BCQS Jolly Ranchers dominated the first half with 7 – 0 against the Coast Red Mist, Emma Parlee put them in the lead with the first three points on the scoreboard.  Though the Mist came back in the second half even after tries from Sebastian, Ella and Bobby the final score left the Mist defeated by the regnant Ranchers 11-5.

The Alexandra Resort Tipsy Turtles took on the BCB Wahoo’s with a strong first half, Vanessa Joseph with a sneaky try kept  the score close with the Wahoo’s only up 1 point at half time.  The Wahoo’s ladies stepped up adding 9 points to the scoreboard despite good defense by the Turtles. The Wahoo’s won this battle of the sea with a final score of 15-5.

The undefeated Le Bouchon Nuff Said were matched up against the Meridian Marauders in the Cup Final. It was the crafty kiwi Gareth Butler who put Meridian ahead with his first two tries giving his team a 4 point lead. Nuff said retaliated with some single point tries from Miguel Malcolm and Darren Bidden. Meridian offense worked the ball from sideline to sideline creating room for twinkle toes Tyrese Taylor to cross the try line 4 times for his tetrisis. Nuff said remained motivated and narrowed the lead with tries from Wesley, LJ and Blair. The Meridian women played tight D and held the Nuff Said Ladies off the scoreboard for the first time this season! The last play of the match saw Hendriks Joseph beat his opposite number to score and cap the Meridian Victory with a final score of 11-9.

After nine weeks and 584 tries from 96 players, here is the top 20 of the final top point scorer table for the 2017 Carlisle Supplies Spring Tag League, congratulations to all and see you on the field for the Autumn edition in September!

Augustine Modeste Reef Rovers 23 46
Cara Buddle Nuff Said 15 45
Dan Willis Red Mist 21 42
Cesca Peirce Nuff Said 12 36
Claire Winchester Unicorns of Doom 11 33
Simon Taylor Jolly Ranchers 15 30
Mark Francis Unicorns of Doom 15 30
Paul Slattery Tipsy Turtles 9 27
Gabby Aquino Wahoos 9 27
Tiffany Modeste Reef Rovers 8 24
James Murphy Unicorns of Doom 11 22
David O’Connell Red Mist 7 21
Wesly Chery Nuff Said 19 19
Michael Williams Jolly Ranchers 18 18
Clifton Simeon Meridian 18 18
Paul MacKenzie Wahoos 18 18
Arayrh Wildish Meridian 6 18
Keith Burant Meridian 6 18
Ella O’Connell Red Mist 6 18