About Us

Located in Providenciales, the Turks & Caicos Islands Rugby Football Union (TCIRFU) is a thriving local organisation committed to the development of rugby for young and old in the Turks & Caicos Islands. As a provisonal member of the North American Caribbean Rugby Association we are rapidly building on our slow start with a goal of developing into a regional rugby powerhouse. With four clubs in Provo: the Bears, Lions, Storm and Warriors, and the South Caicos Sharks and North Caicos Knights, our junior program continues to grow each year, and we are successfully expanding rugby out to the other islands of Turks & Caicos.

Visit us to learn everything about the club and all about touring these idyllic Caribbean Islands. Our website contains the latest news and activities and current contact informtion. We are especially welcoming to overseas tourists, so whether you want to come down for a run whilst on vacation, or bring a touring side to the TCI to play a match we’d love to hear from you.