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Red Arrows

Great Whilte Sharks

Blue Buccaneers

Black Mambas

1 Jim Alston Keith Burant Harry Turbeyfield Ben Gearing
2 Samer Hakoura Callis Jones Paul McKenzie Gareth Butler
3 Graham Shaw Fraser Dods Levardo Talbot Neil French
4 Jahmal Missick Crhis Davies James Hamilton Jules Petrucci
5 Mark Parrish Dean Griffith Codney Capron Dino Parker
6 Dale Hodgkins Lloyd Inwards Manish Uttamchandani Jason Wylie
7 Dorel Williams Simon Taylor Ryan Jones Steve Kendrew
8 Ran Redmond James Murphy Glair Mason Pierre Magnier
9 Luis Turbeyfield Preston Burant Franco Williams Syed Hussein
10 Barry Mullin Simon Wood Raj Craig James
11 Jake Van Schoor Luke Rahjean LJ Outten
12   Joe Lemoine   Pat Lemoine
13 Jeremy Lemoine Sebastian Turbeyfield

League details (pdf download)

  • 5 players on field at one time ­ unlimited substitutes.
  • 1 Junior player must be onfield at all times. If none available you play with 4 adults.
  • Juniors identified in current team list in itallics/red.
  • Kicking at any time.
  • Games of 7 min’s each way will be played per round. 1 min half time break.
  • Points will be awarded on following basis; Win = 3 points, Draw = 2 points; Loss = 0 points.
  • Most individual tries scored in the league will win a prize.

  • Finals format: 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3. The highest ranked winner goes straight through tot eh grand final, the lowest rank loser drops out. The remaining teams play a semi final with the winner then advancing to the grand final. This means the winner of the league get 2 lives on finals day hence encouraging all teams to finish top.

  • Games will commence promptly at 6:10pm and 6:50pm

  • Additional players can be recruited - the teams were selected from those who made themselves available, so if you are not in a team and wish to play please contact Gareth Butler with your interest
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