How the Social League works . . .

  • Each week the scheduled teams will play in the usual touch rugby format

  • Players under 40 yrs earn 1 point per try

  • Players 40-50 yrs earn 2 points per try

  • Males over 50 yrs earn 3 points per try

  • Females earn 3 points per try

  • Each game will be 40 mins (20 mins each way)

  • A Win = 4 points

  • A Draw = 2 Points

  • A Loss = 0 Points

  • A Bonus Point will be awarded for losing by seven or fewer points

  • A Bonus Point will be awarded for scoring 4 or more tries

  • Points and tries earnt will accumulate in a league style format until every team has played each other. The winner will be the team with the most points

AtebeyraDa Mudda Sic'ers
Position : 1stPlayed: 3Won: 3Drawn: 0Lost: 0Points Difference: 22Bonus Points: 0Total: 9
BCQS Rough Riders
Position : 2ndPlayed: 3Won: 2Drawn: 0Lost: 1Points Difference: 5Bonus Points: 0Total: 6
Coast ArchitectsRed Mist
Position : 3rdPlayed: 3Won: 1Drawn: 0Lost: 2Points Difference: -9Bonus Points: 1Total: 4
Turtles of Doom
Position : 4thPlayed: 3Won: 0Drawn: 0Lost: 3Points Difference:-18Bonus Points: 2Total: 2


Taylor Trio Top Turtles

10 March 2022

The Turks and Caicos Tag Rugby Season kicked off on Thursday March 10th with a compelling series of games to start the 2022 season. In the early kick off the Jolly Ranchers took on the newly merged Turtles of Doom. Strong running from Ed Shearer set the Ranchers on the front foot while Sophie and Lilly Taylor showing their Dad, Simon, a thing or two on the wings. The Ranchers took an early lead with the Turtles failing to capitalize on additional substitutes. Nearing halftime the Turtles began to find their stride as Nik Hight broke away down the wing with Sean O’Neill snatching the ball for a try ahead of Sophie Taylor. The second half continued the back and forth action with the Ranchers playing with a superior rhythm. The inclusion of Mark Francis was not enough to boost the Turtles as the Ranchers maintained their early lead until the final whistle. Jolly Ranchers 18 Turtles of Doom 12. In the nights other game the Muddah Siccas ran out 13-8 winners over the Red Mist with Augustin Modeste and Harry Schofield setting the standard for the winning side. Tag rugby continues this Thursday at the Meridian Field with the Red Mist and Turtles vying for their first victory while the Jolly Ranchers and Muddah Siccas look for bragging rights at the top of the table.



There's a tremendous team behind every team and every game of rugby. Whether it's the coaches or those much respected referees, from minis to vets there's no rugby without them. Email tcirfu@gmail.com for more info.


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